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5 Dec

In order for commuters to enjoy the wait for a train or bus, for neighbors to enjoy the public space or for anyone to enjoy a performance or linger over an exhibit, we think they need to be able to pull up a seat and stay a while.

Seating might take the form of movable café tables and chairs and/or stationary benches, but placed in a way to leave the center of the Hub open for exhibits and performances (shown below in the plaza concept).


Activity, art, performance space

29 Nov

One of the things we’d like to see at the Logan Square Hub is a central area for exhibits and performances, activities that would attract people to the Hub and make the waiting experience more enjoyable for commuters.  Imagine a traveling, curated library, a sculpture exhibit or a musical performance.

Giving context to ideas to address safety, access, public space

28 Nov

BikeWalk Logan Square has some ideas to address the issues of safety, access and public space at the Logan Square Hub.  We combined our ideas into two conceptual views of the public space–as plaza and as park–in order to give them context, but most of the ideas are interchangeable between the two concepts.

Before delving into the details, do you have a preference, a way you would like to see the public space?

As plaza? for example:

As park? for example: