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Help evaluate the Logan Square station and access to it

20 May

Hub audit May 28 Jun 1


Access issue: by bike

10 Nov

Logan Square has a historic connection to bicycling and an avid cycling population presently, but if one of your modes of transportation at this multi-modal Logan Square Blue Line station/bus terminal is bicycling, you may be hindered on any given day by the inability to park your bike.

While there are bike racks upstairs and downstairs and on both sides of Milwaukee Avenue, they are frequently full.  Cyclists resort to locking their bikes to anything stationary, but stationary does not always mean secure.

At issue: Access

2 Nov

BikeWalk Logan Square recognizes another issue, that of access to the CTA Blue Line station/bus terminal.

Of course, the safety issues previously discussed are also issues related to pedestrian access to the station.

For those who use other travel modes like biking or driving before arriving at the station for a bus or train, there are different access problems.


1 Nov

BikeWalk Logan Square
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Greater Greater Washington, a D.C.-based blog, traced the #transpohaiku hashtag on Twitter back to the #vaiku hashtag from Washington state and encourages others to Enhance the commute with haikus, a call that has also evolved to include limericks in response.

Of course we’ll play along!

What’s your version of haiku or limerick about walking and biking in Logan Square?

At issue: Safety

19 Oct

In observing the environment for walking and biking in the Logan Square neighborhood and particularly around the Logan Square Blue Line station/bus terminal (though at other key intersections as well), BikeWalk Logan Square recognizes that safety is an issue.

According to data compiled by the Active Transportation Alliance, from 2006 to 2009, there were 13 crashes with injuries involving cars and bikes or cars and pedestrians within 300 feet of the Logan Square station.  We know of at least two more, including one resulting in a death, that happened earlier this year.

The current focus of BikeWalk Logan Square addresses the safety issues closest to the station.  There are other hopes, plans and people looking at the safety issues around the Logan Square roundabout and its intersections.

Location of Car/Bike and Car/Pedestrian Crashes with Injuries 2006 - 2009

Logan Square Hub

11 Oct

The current focus of Bike Walk Logan Square is the Logan Square Hub, the area of and around the Logan Square CTA Blue Line station/bus terminal at Milwaukee and Kedzie Avenues.

Logan Square Hub at Milwaukee and Kedzie Avenues

Bike Walk Logan Square

10 Oct

Bike Walk Logan Square’s mission is to support and enhance the environment for walking and biking in the Logan Square neighborhood.