Access issue: from parking lot

7 Nov

Because of the proximity to the city-owned Emmett Street parking lot just north of the Logan Square Blue Line station/bus terminal, the vehicle is one mode of transportation at the multi-modal hub.  At the current monthly parking rate with daily bus or train fare, parking at the Emmett Street lot is still a good deal for many who commute downtown.

Unfortunately, the connection between the parking lot and the station is inadequate.  For pedestrians, there is the option to exit in the drive where car traffic exits on Emmett Street and then connecting with the Emmett Street sidewalk.  There is also the option to exit in the drive where there are fence openings on the alley side of the parking lot, connecting to the alley, garbage and some car traffic.  The option most likely to be chosen is the fence opening for pedestrians on the south side of the lot closest to the station.  It’s a fairly narrow passageway that also leads pedestrians past the CTA garbage dumpsters into the alley.  At this end of the alley there is no car traffic, but a guard rail prohibiting through traffic to or from the CTA station.  The guard rail position, however, makes this pedestrian approach non-compliant with the standards for access from the Americans with Disabilities Act.  In the winter, no one shovels snow from this point in the alley, hindering access for all.


2 Responses to “Access issue: from parking lot”

  1. Ashley Lottes November 9, 2011 at 10:36 am #

    I’ve also found the lighting in this alley to be less than desirable, an increased issue now that standard time has the sun setting at 4:30.

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